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We have prepared this special features for partners who would like to offer our services in terms of commission. If you would like to be our partner, please read following instructions and sing up for our affiliate program membership. Right after the registration you will get the ID code that you can use in widgets or context links.

Can I be your partner?

Of course, it's easy! If you own a business related to the work with tourists and/or if you have a website focused on the travel and tourism, you can embed our widget into your web-pages. If you accompany the widget with a story about the project with beautiful illustrations, it certainly will increase the commercial efficiency. We have 30% commission for each client coming from your website and making the booking.

Another option: is using the reference link with your partner's ID. In this case you will get 15% commission for each visitor that book the Electronic Tour Guide on our website.

If you would like to offer our services as an integrated part of your own service, please contact us (see contacts link on the bottom). We'll discuss the conditions and choose the most relevant implementation technique.

Conditions of participation

We offer (30% for widgets and 15% context links) commission of every booking made for each member of the affiliated program. Payments are making by transfer to your PayPal account. The final amount is paid every first working day of the month following the statistical results of orders.

These Terms of Use are a public offer. You agree to this terms and conditions upon the fact of registration. We reserve the right to change the content of the widget but preserve its primary functions without disturbing its compositional integrity and settings. We also reserve the rights to make amendments to these terms and conditions, to block the use of the affiliated widget and delete partner account in the event of violations of these terms and conditions or in case of registered malicious activity.

Sign up for affiliate program membership

Please enter your email (obligatory filed). In case that you plan to use widget, please add the website URL where you plan to use the widget and choose preferable version. After the registration you will get the member ID, password, partner statistic interface address, link and embed code examples that you can use on your website or anywhere you plan.

L'email è stata inserita nel formato sbagliato. Correggi questo campo.

Inserisci l'URL del sito Web in cui desideri posizionare il widget.
Puoi inserire qui solo il nome dell'host o l'URL del percorso completo in caso di utilizzo di più widget contemporaneamente.

L'URL del sito web è stato fornito nel formato errato. Correggi questo campo. Utilizza un formato URL semplice (lettere, punti e barre sono consentiti).

Scegli la variante preferita del widget (vedi elenco sotto).
Riceverai il modello del widget via e-mail con l'ID partner implementato.
Sentiti libero di modificare il modello seguendo le nostre istruzioni.

Prova che non sei un robot malvagio ma una grande creatura umana. Lascia vuoto questo campo.

Technical information

The widget allows you to configure flexibly its own appearance in order to keep the compositional integrity of your website. Below is a list of parameters and their description.

Required parameters:

  • id -- your member ID
  • reference -- this is an URL where widget is installed

Optional parameters:

  • type -- possible values: "vertical" and "horizontal". Orientation (vertical or horizontal).
  • width -- an unit width in pixels. The widget has a minimum width limitation that varies for horizontal and vertical versions. We recommend that you experiment with the width of the iframe container and make sure that the widget а) fits into the entire width of the iframe container б) fits into the vertical reference lines of the website composition.

    Please note that width of the widget is slightly smaller than width of the iframe container. A convenient way to check the width is to turn iframe edging temporarily by using frameborder = "yes" parameter and adjust the width of the iframe container to fit the width of the block and design of the page. Then turn off the convenient iframe edging (frameborder = "no").
  • radius -- radius of corners of the widget. Use this option in case of using rounded style elements on your website. Make the radius identical.
  • border -- thickness of the border. Use this option in case if your site uses border around the blocks. Make thickness of the border identical.

    The 7px thickness of edging with radius of 35px corresponds to thickness and radius of the elements used within the widget. Therefore, in most cases it is possible to use these values ​​without reference to your website composition (see below for an example of standard use with rounded edges).

    The 7px thickness of edging with radius of 35px corresponds to thickness and radius of the elements used within the widget. Therefore, in most cases it is possible to use these values ​​without reference to your website composition (see below for an example of standard use with rounded edges).
  • background -- background color. Possible values: standard hexadecimal color value, six characters (without prefixes "Ox" and "#"). If you turn off the border and select the background color identical to yours, you can conveniently place the widget into the main text block directly. In this case, the left edge of the widget will coincide with a line of text alignment. You can adjust the right side by using "width" parameter.
  • animation -- Possible value: true. The animated block with the announcements of the key attractive features of services. Use this option if your width settings allow it and animation block does not overlap (or overlap only partially) with the device image (see examples below).

All parameters are separated by '&' in accordance with GET method transmission data standard.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake. When a parameter is entered incorrectly you will see an error message indicating the reason. If you have a doubt about the visual solution you made, do not hesitate to contact us for advice. Just send us a link marked "widget advice" and we will be happy to assist you with an acceptable visual solution (see "Contacts" section at the bottom of the page).

Widget configuration examples and codes for embedding

The widget is simple to use with flexible settings. We pays special attention to aesthetic and content aspects of any project, so we made the widget settings as convenient as possible to fit the composition of any website. Here is a list of widget settings that you can change:

  • background color
  • geometry of corners
  • thickness of border
  • width of block
  • orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • turning the animation on and off

This options allow you to use the widget inside any web-page with almost no restrictions.

Standard options:

1. Standard width, standard border.

Embed code:

2. Standard width, border-less.

Embed code:

3. Vertical, standard width, standard border.

Embed code:

Advanced options

4. Vertical 400px version with custom background color and animation block.

Embed code:

5. Horizontal short version with custom background color.

Embed code:

6. Horizontal half width version + custom background color.

Embed code:

7. Horizontal expanded version + custom background color and animation.

Embed code: