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Prague - March 11, 2013 Interactive GPS audiobook "Prague Electronic Tour Guide"

The Sound Immersive™ Lab (Prague, Czech Republic) has completed a pilot testing of the "Prague Electronic Tour Guide" interactive audiobook. The Electronic Tour Guide has a completely original design and this is the first device of its kind.

The audio content includes more than 100 locations and contains 8.5 hours of stories about history of the city in 6 languages (including: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian). Target audience of the projects are tourists travelling in couples or alone, who prefer walk on their own rather than follow standard tourist routes.

A special algorithm and structured narrative provide comfort listening experience in any style of walk. Since the device has no standard routes and was intentionally created for free walks, the developers avoid a name "audioguide" and prefer "audiobook" instead.

The interactive audiobook "Prague Electronic Tour Guide" has simple interface, does not require any additional settings and works right after it's been turned on. Time to time the device hints the alternative directions to another interesting attractions of the city.

Additionally the gadget has a simple navigational function: the guide can remember up to 4 points selected by user. Upon the function activation it calculate the distance and guide to the chosen point.

Today the company offers rental service of the devices. The price starts from 11.95 Euro per day. Clients also can get 50% discount for a next day walk. The device is supplied with a charger and simple main locations map that included in the current version. Moreover, tourists can rent additional devices (loudspeaker, splitter and extra earphones) for 2 Euro.

The project website:

Sound Immersive™ Lab is a research project of the company Studio-O! s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic). The main field of activity of Sound Immersive™ Lab is development of software and hardware solutions for tourist multimedia embedded systems.

Studio-O! is creative agency focused on new media applications development and automation of business process.
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Contact: Eva Šmejkalová
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